Timothy Wang,

Richmond Hill Student

The teachers are knowledgable and always helpful. Because of their challenging program, I was able to achieve 99% in Gr12 Math


Mrs. Chan,

Mississauga Parent

My daughters weren't doing very well in school until I sent them to Topchild. The homework packages and lessons helped my daughters catch up and increase their marks by 20%. Thank you!


Mrs. Saverino,

Mississauga Parent

My son joined Topchild ever since he was in Grade 1. He loves the awards program and works hard on the tests and packages hoping to bring home a large trophy. He's now in high school and is the top student in his class.


Mr. Atkinson,

North York Parent

Topchlid is a fantastic program as it helped my children prepare for the next unit in school. They were in the IP program where they brought in their textbooks from school and learned the topics in advance and more in depth. This resulted in both my children achieving 90s in school.


Can one year’s tutoring improve your child’s report card?

After one year of tutoring, parents should expect to see some improvement in their child’s report card. If you have tried other learning centres without any positive results, then there could be a problem and you should consider switching to Topchild today.

Why isn’t my child seeing progress in their report card?

When it comes to learning, all children have different learning preferences. Some children are solitary learners and prefer to work by themselves. In contrast, some children are social learners and learn most effectively with others. Some children learn better at home while others learn best at formal institutions. If the child’s learning preferences are not matched with the appropriate teaching environment, they will not see any progress, which reflects negatively on report cards.

For example, some learning centers choose to provide only one teaching environment: self-learning. The problem is that self-learning is not the best fit for all children, such as social learners, who prefer learning through group settings and interaction. This could result in little to no improvement in their report cards.

Why should you consider switching to Topchild?

At Topchild, we resolve this problem by giving a formal assessment to determine which teaching setting is most suited to your child’s learning preferences at the certain time. Parents have the option to choose in-home 1-on-1 tutoring or in-center tutoring.

For in-home and in-center, we provide 1-on-1 tutoring where our teacher gives the student their undivided attention. We have class based tutoring, which build a familiar and comfortable setting since they are smaller than the conventional classrooms in day school. This setting is most ideal for social learners, who prefer working in a group dynamic. In addition, we have group based individual progress programs which consist of two to four students per group. This setting can be used for both solitary and social learners. Our wide selection of programs provides the solution to seeing positive results in your child’s report card.



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We Offer Customized Programs for your Child:


- Math, English,

- French, and Science.

- In center Teacher Led Classes

- In Home 1-on-1 Tutoring

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