Timothy Wang,

Richmond Hill Student

The teachers are knowledgable and always helpful. Because of their challenging program, I was able to achieve 99% in Gr12 Math


Mrs. Chan,

Mississauga Parent

My daughters weren't doing very well in school until I sent them to Topchild. The homework packages and lessons helped my daughters catch up and increase their marks by 20%. Thank you!


Mrs. Saverino,

Mississauga Parent

My son joined Topchild ever since he was in Grade 1. He loves the awards program and works hard on the tests and packages hoping to bring home a large trophy. He's now in high school and is the top student in his class.


Mr. Atkinson,

North York Parent

Topchlid is a fantastic program as it helped my children prepare for the next unit in school. They were in the IP program where they brought in their textbooks from school and learned the topics in advance and more in depth. This resulted in both my children achieving 90s in school.


IN HOME 1 ON 1 TUTORING starting from $35 per hour

At Topchild we have a wide range of programs to suit your child's needs. In Home tutoring is one of them. This program is suitable for students that want to learn from the comfort of their home, and at their own pace. Parents also have the flexibility in scheduling tutoring sessions. Teachers will come over once a week or more depending on the needs of the students. The focus will be on improving the grades at school by practicing concepts taught in day school. Supplementary material can also be provided at no extra cost to enhance their learning experience.


Our Tutors:

Most of our tutors are certified teachers and have extensive experience teaching students in different grades. They are passionate about what they do. We conduct complete background checks on all our tutors and match the right tutor to your child's learning style.


 Building a Solid Foundation:

We break down the local curriculum into many layers of building blocks. We make sure your child can completely master one building block before moving to the next. This mastery approach of learning ensures your child�s success in building a solid foundation. Our tutors will focus on helping students understand the concepts rather than just memorizing formulas.


Developing good habits, and Building Confidence:

TopChild has designed a unique system for your child to build confidence. This system, based on local curriculum, will be customized to allow your child to learn at his or her own pace. Your child will experience success in learning, and develop a passion to learn more. Your child will develop self learning skills, which will reduce his or her reliance on our tutors. It is our goal to put your child back on track and excel at school without the need of any tutors, including ours.


Partnering with You, and Your Child's School Teacher:

We believe communication and cooperation are the key elements for your child's success in school. We will initiate and maintain the dialogue among your child's school teachers, our tutors, you, and your child so that all of us are fully aware what the plan is, and how far we are from the goal.


Proven Success:

Instead of putting all our energy in opening multiple centers, we are proud to make a difference in every student entrusted to us. TopChild has helped thousands of students succeed in school since 1993. We have a track record of putting students at the top in many schools. Please contact us today at 416-678-6688 or admin@topchild.ca to learn how our proven success formula can help your child excel at school.















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