Timothy Wang,

Richmond Hill Student

The teachers are knowledgable and always helpful. Because of their challenging program, I was able to achieve 99% in Gr12 Math


Mrs. Chan,

Mississauga Parent

My daughters weren't doing very well in school until I sent them to Topchild. The homework packages and lessons helped my daughters catch up and increase their marks by 20%. Thank you!


Mrs. Saverino,

Mississauga Parent

My son joined Topchild ever since he was in Grade 1. He loves the awards program and works hard on the tests and packages hoping to bring home a large trophy. He's now in high school and is the top student in his class.


Mr. Atkinson,

North York Parent

Topchlid is a fantastic program as it helped my children prepare for the next unit in school. They were in the IP program where they brought in their textbooks from school and learned the topics in advance and more in depth. This resulted in both my children achieving 90s in school.


TOPCHILD IN CENTER PROGRAMS starting from $11 per hour

At Topchild we have a wide range of programs to suit your child's needs. Each student is different and we don't want to use a cookie cutter solution. This is why students who join Topchild take an assessment so we know exactly what concepts your child is familiar with and which concepts they need additional help with. Based on their assessment, we recommend if they should be placed in an Enrichment, Remedial or Individual Progress program. The Mississauga center has a Saturday school, and is open on Fridays too.


Class based Math & English Programs: (Gr 1-12)

This program is suitable for students that would like to learn ahead or seek additional challenges. It also reviews most of the concepts learned at day school to ensure their understanding. Every week after thorough teaching, each student receives a carefully designed workbook for practice and is given a test to monitor their learning progress.

Class based Mathematics Competition Program:(Gr 5-8)

This program is suitable for students that are doing well in school and would like to explore additional challenges in Mathematics. It helps students to further develop their problem solving skills and prepare for public Math competitions. We have a proven track record of putting students within the top 2 spots in the nationwide Canadian Mathematics Competitons.


Group based Individual Progress Programs: (Gr 1-12)

This program has 2 - 4 students per group, and covers Math, English, French, and/or Science. This program uses the same approach as our In Home Tutoring such as Building a Solid Foundation. Please refer to our In Home Tutoring web page for more details.


One-on-One Tutoring: (Gr 1-12)

This program is suitable for students who require undivided attention from tutors. Each student can request a customized workbook for consolidating their learning. The topics, number of pages, and complexity of the questions in the workbook are highly customized to fit the student's individual needs.



To learn more about our different locations, please Click Here.

Our Teachers:

Most of our teachers are certified and have extensive experience teaching students in different grades. They are passionate about what they do and focus on helping students understand the concepts rather then just memorizing formulas. We conduct complete background checks on all our tutors and match the right tutor to your child's learning style.








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