At Topchild we have a wide range of programs to suit your child's needs. Each student is different and we don't want to use a cookie cutter solution. This is why students who join Topchild take an assessment so we know exactly what concepts your child is familiar with and which concepts they need additional help with. Based on their assessment, we recommend if they should be placed in an Enrichment, Remedial or Individual Progress program.


We treat each child as a unique person possessing different ability, and learning styles. Our professional consultant will discuss with you and your child to identify what your child needs are. Togehter, we will come up with a learning plan that best suits your child.


Our evaluation process does not stop at consultation. Your child can complete a written assessment which will confirm your child's strength and weakness. From the result of this assessment, and consultation, we will tailor our tutoring service just for your child.

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