Which program is best?

People often ask which way of learning is best. For example, self-learning lets students learn by themselves, but the content is usually very easy. In Math, self-learning seldom provides enough guidance to develop problem solving skills. One-To-One tutoring is effective in helping students understand a topic, but students might become too dependent on their tutor. Traditional classroom teaching also has its pros and cons. Similar to cooking; the question becomes what kind of cooking technique is best. The answer should be obvious but it really depends on the person. Even the same person will want different foods at different times.

The Fact

This means the teaching methods must match the learning habits of a student and should adapt to the changing requirements of each student. A single program approach is not the best. A single program could be self-learning, One-To-One or class based program. But, one single approach is not going to help students most effectively.

TopChild Difference

At TopChild, we provide multiple programs to match each student's initial requirements. Students can also move from one program to another smoothly and seamlessly as the student's requirement changes.

TopChild One-To-One tutoring helps students in their school work and beyond. One-To-One tutoring is best for students who are easily distracted, or students who want all the attention from their tutors.

TopChild Enrichment Classes provide more advanced topics to further challenge and train students to develop their full potential. These classes are designed to help students to get better grade averages in their school report cards. We also have special Enrichment Classes that prepare students to attend various Mathematics Contests.

TopChild Small Groups provide a balance among individualized programs, self learning, and increased group interaction. Students in small groups usually receive customized worksheets. These worksheets do not follow a fixed sequence; instead, the sequence of learning is based entirely on each student.

With any of the above programs, we not only help students to understand, but also help students to develop confidence and interest. Students are guided to develop their critical thinking, and asked to explain the steps they take to get the answers. With One-To-One, and Small Groups, the customized worksheets help students to develop self learning skills by using our unique curriculum.

A student can move from one program to another based on their needs, and budget. We, at TopChild, will help you to select the most suitable program.

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