TopChild Enrichment Class programs are like classes at day school. But, the curriculum is carefully selected based on our many years of experience. Due to the teacher-student ratio is much less than that of day school, students have experienced better interaction with their TopChild teachers. All students follow the same curriculum in a class. This program is suitable for the following types of students:

    Learn ahead
    Learn more advanced concepts
    Average students to get better in school grade average
    Enjoy classroom environment
    Like to work as a team with other students
    Can follow a fixed weekly schedule
    Wish to use a lower tutoring budget

The Mississauga center has a Saturday school, and is open on Fridays too. Many Enrichment Class students are learning one grade higher than their school grade.

Class based Math & English Programs: (Gr 1-10)

This program is suitable for students who would like to learn ahead or seek additional challenges. It also reviews most of the concepts learned at day school to ensure their understanding. Every week after thorough teaching, each student receives a carefully designed workbook for practice and is given a test to monitor their learning progress.

French, Science, and Math Contest classes are only available in Small Group programs.

Locations: To learn more about our different locations, please Click Here .

Our Teachers:

Most of our teachers are certified and have extensive experience teaching students in different grades. They are passionate about what they do and focus on helping students understand the concepts rather then just memorizing formulas. We conduct complete background checks on all our tutors and match the right tutor to your child's learning style.